All the puppies from the December 18, 2011 litter have been sold. Watch for a new litter this Spring/Summer.

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Welcome to Landherr Labradors. We are a serious breeding operation that takes great pride in our breeding program. Great care and consideration is taken to ensure that we produce the finest Labradors known as "White" "Snow" or Polar Bear" Labradors. We offer you "field stock" hunting / companion Labradors of the highest caliber. Our Labs descend from one of the nation’s top bloodlines and we spare no expense in our dedication to produce for you, healthy labradors of the highest quality.

Established in 2002, Landherr Labradors is located in Rose Creek Minnesota. This rich farming and hunting area, nestled in South Central Minnesota, has long been a proving ground for outdoorsmen and their hunting dogs alike. Our commitment to breeding quality Labradors of the Snow Labrador / White Labrador variety is paramount.

Every breeder should know what characteristics and traits the ideal lab should have. At Landherr Labradors, the focus of our breeding program is to produce those traits in all of the puppies that we breed.

Beautiful Labradors are found in three colors: black, chocolate and yellow. Our Labradors are of the White, Polar Bear or Snow Lab variety. This different color shading comes from the yellow lab but are are notably the most beautiful and most photographed of all dogs. These are the only type of Labs that we breed. According to the AKC, there is no classification for a white lab as it is just a shade of yellow. We invite you to take a quick look thru our web site and you will see why we are known for our “polar bear” labs.


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A Wonderful Dog for Hunting or Companion


Landherr Labradors is owned and operated by Joseph and Kim Landherr - registered breeders recognized by the AKC of the United States of America.